The Story Behind It's Sulma

I'm Sulma a young mom discussing the trials and tribulations of parenthood. As a mom I've been through many situations, from raising a preemie, to spending long nights at the hospital my long journey has made me become who I am today. I now have a two toddlers, a preschooler, and a kindergartner. It's always busy in this house, whether we are tackling a new skill, or dealing with a meltdown, there's content here for everyone. Some days are easier than others and I am here to share my experiences.


I'm all about relatable content, a lot of times some parents are afraid to discuss certain topics to avoid scrutiny from other parents. I want to eliminate the stigma around discussing difficulties we may encounter raising children. It's the opposite in my opinion we should be more vocal so that we are able to tackle issues from the start to make the lives of the parent and child much easier. Focusing on the positive to bring out the best in our children. 

I started this blog where all parents are welcome because even dad's need help and it's time they understood what's going on from multiple perspectives. Welcome Everyone! To It's Sulma