Get your child to clean!

Montessori concepts are great, and they originated with the purpose of helping children from poor families not feel like a burden on their parents. Montessori implemented concepts of self sufficient children who were helpful, and could reduce the chore load on their parents.

Now fast forward to 2021 Montessori is at and all time high in popularity, but the thing is with what we see on social media no one really goes into the depths of how the psychology behind things work. You don't see what you're to do in an event you are trying to implement Montessori lifestyle in your home, and your child has a complete meltdown. That's why I am here to give you guys the real, the raw, and the behind the scenes information that you scoured the internet for.

Children are amazing small beings, in a way they can function like tiny adults, but they also have the tendency to be overwhelmed with emotions and not always cooperate as you would like. This is all normal behavior that is expected from a child. It's okay to feel overwhelmed as a parent when you see a mere "perfect" child on the internet proudly getting ready for bed independently in a spotless room.

I'm here to show you the reality and walk you through the process to not only help you implement Montessori in your home, but also have the skills to cope with mishaps along the way.

I made this cleaning caddy for my 3 year old. She loves to watch me clean, but I didn't want her to feel left out because she couldn't scrub the toilet with me. I made her caddy similar to mine, with a bunch of fun tools like sponges, a magic eraser, her own bottle of soap, and a spray bottle of all natural multipurpose cleaner. I will emphasize that the content in this caddy was shared by 3 toddlers so this is why there was three of everything aside from the cleaning solutions.

I'm sure your biggest question is "Does she clean everyday" and the answer to this is simple "Yes" but not in ways you may think. Children at this age are motivated by watching you do things and by watching you on a regular basis do certain habits they will join you or try to copy you. I will say that in Montessori some skills are learned by treating your child like your assistant rather than like a student. Cleaning is one of those skills. Don't get me wrong, because consistency is key it is the reason your child will implement these skills. Consistency, Consistency, Consistency! Children learn through repetition and if your consistent and clear with your demands and take a step back when you need a break then you will see the results blossom over time.

She may not grab a spray bottle to spray down her table everyday but she does pick up her dishes and place them for me in the sink. She does put her clothes into the laundry basket, picks her toys up off the floor. So she does clean everyday, but her methods change and overtime they mature and get better. I give her constant guidance in ways like "Watch how I fold your clothes" or "Look how I hang the towels up" this way instead of it seeming like I am demanding things from her, it seems like I am showing her how to be an independent being and she will need me to say less over time.

At the end of the day, don't be overwhelmed with the short snippets you see on social media, those children have feelings as well, some days they may "slack" on their Montessori days but I assure you overtime things become habits and habits make a lifestyle.


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