Grow a Rainbow!

Everyone loves rainbows they are full of color and vibrant and a great way to teach colors! But first things first from my bouts of trials and errors I strongly suggest using bounty paper towels. I found using off brand and other brand paper towels, that they get soggy or take forever to make the rainbow.

Growing a rainbow is easy, you'll need:

Bounty Paper Towels


2 Cups or Jars


Cut your paper towel into a 2 inch wide strip about a 1/4 of the way up on either ends color in the rainbow make sure that you color it in the same order on both ends of the paper towel. Place each end in the jars of water (fill the jars or cups only half of the way). Dip the ends only about a 1/4 in in and watch as your rainbow magically GROWS!

You can try this with neon markers as well and a UV light for a glow in the dark experience!

Leave a comment showing me your projects I would love to see them.

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