Minimalist Inspired Living with Toddlers

The ideas I took from minimalism especially with toddlers is the simplicity yet efficacy of the space. I noticed that I was getting overwhelmed because it seemed like anytime I wanted to anything, it felt like everything in my house was on floor.

I was also overwhelmed at the thought of having to go through all this clutter by myself and I didn't know where to start....

So here is a breakdown of what I did, and I will emphasize that it is all worth it in the end, and these tasks are not meant to be done in a day. The same way these items didn't show up in your house in a day we aren't meant to get rid of them in a day either so set realistic goals for yourself that fit your lifestyle and schedule.

I broke it down by room and for me I wanted to start by making sure that my kitchen and living room area were clean first because they were the "front" of my home and were high traffic areas compared to the bedrooms.

To Do List:

  • Living Room

  • Kitchen

  • Bedrooms

  • Bathrooms

I started in this order, and of course some rooms took less/more time. The concept was if I really needed it I would probably be using it with the exception of items that were "lost" which I put aside in a bin to see if I would use them in the next couple weeks, and if not I would proceed to donate or throw them away.


For the kitchen I decluttered my entire counter space to be able t

o sort things out.

Goals for the kitchen:

  • Get rid of missing pieces "incomplete sets, broken items"

  • Remove any Plates, Bowls, Cups, Spoons etc. that are taking up space more than they are being used.

  • Get rid of any pots/pans that are damaged, rusted, not safe to use anymore

  • Declutter under the sink and remove those almost empty bottles

This process in the kitchen proved effective to removing the mass amount of items that are thrown into the back of the cabinet and going untouched for months to years at a time.

Living Room:

  • Get rid of blankets/Pillows that are usually on the floor

  • Remove any toys/clutter on coffee tables or shelving

In terms of the living room, for me it varies from person to person. As a parent it was mostly toys with missing pieces crowding a corner, but I know some people decorate to the point its more clutter than an admirable piece, so adjust this according to you.


  • Get rid of all small worn out clothing that are no longer used

  • Put away all your out of season clothing in space bags ( they save space and keep clothes clean)

  • Go by season and if your clothes don't make up an outfit or 2 get rid of it

  • Keep only 2-3 changes of bedsheets per bed max, and invest in a mattress protector especially if you have children this will ease clean up and prevent staining your mattress as well

  • Books belong on the shelf, you can get rid of books you no longer want

  • The toys that are set out to play should fit in their box or shelf

The bedroom should be a harmonious space that you go to, to unwind after a long day and get ready for the next. If toys have missing pieces I suggest getting rid of them, and if you feel that toys are spending most their time lost somewhere in the house then I suggest rotation bins. Rotation Bins are super helpful, you can divide the toys by weekly or bi weekly rotation this way your child remains engaged.


  • Remove clutter from under the sink

  • Hang your towels up

  • Nothing should be on the floor that's not a bathmat

  • Laundry should be in the hamper ( I prefer to keep the hamper in the laundry room)

All in all the main idea is if you only keep mostly essential items in your space, where each item has it's designated space then it will no longer feel like a pain. It will also encourage younger children to participate because there is not an overwhelming amount of things in each space of the home.

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