Sleep Training & Timer for Everyday

Time it's something that as adults we have a pretty good understanding of, but try explaining time to a toddler that's when things can be a little...crazy. I've tried many things from explaining to them "It's almost time for bed." etc. It didn't seem to work because all they heard was bedtime and that started chaos. The words "almost" "later" "five minutes" these are foreign to toddlers and young children. The biggest question is actually "What is later? What is almost? How long is five minutes?" until they understand that it's really helpful to train them to have a better perception of time. When you set a timer for five minutes tell your child when the timer rings that means five minutes are up and it will be snack time. By training them to have a better understanding and "feel" of time you're helping not only prevent future meltdowns but also giving you some peace of mind.

I found this clock on amazon it's called the Mella Sleep Trainer Clock, it has some nice features like a nightlight, sleep wake timer, lullaby's, and an alarm clock as well as a nap timer. This will teach your child how to stay in bed and when it's okay to leave the room. I actually found the colors very helpful because although the kids don't know when 8 o'clock is they do understand when the light turns green it's time to wake up. The concept of color coding times is so helpful because it's something they can see unlike time.

Like anything new things take practice as well as consistency and before you know it they'll remind you to set the time themselves.

Have more questions about time leave a comment below I'd be happy to help.

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